Water baptism is an ordinance of the Christian church. Jesus Christ was water baptized and practically every example of New Testament believers who came to faith in Jesus Christ for salvation were baptized immediately following their conversion.

Baptism does not save, however, it publicly professes before your church body that you are saved and professing salvation on the merit of Christ’s life, death and resurrection (Rom. 10:9).

We baptize by full water immersion in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit and the believer is raised to walk in newness of life (Matt. 28, Rom. 6:4)


1.You believe that the Lord Jesus Christ has died for your sins
2.Confess with your mouth and believe in your heart that Jesus is Lord
3. Apply for Water Baptism
*NOTE: If a child or youth submits an application for baptism, their application will be reviewed for approval by the Children's Ministry Director or Youth Pastor as appropriate, and a Parent will be contacted.
4.Speak with Pastor David Belcher about your testimony and why you desire to be water baptized.
You will be discussing these questions:
  • What is the Gospel?
  • What is Baptism?
  • Who Should Be Baptized?
  • Is Baptism Necessary for Salvation?
5. Confirm date for Water Baptism within Lake Chelan.
6. Prepare a statement to proclaim to the Church Body at the time of your Water Baptism.
*If you attend online and still want to be water Baptized please still fill out a Baptism From and we can begin the process of meeting you where you're at or attending our church in person for a specific Sunday.

Please contact  us about any questions you may have about Water Baptism:


Throughout the Summer and early Fall , we offer Water Baptism within the lake at Lake Chelan, WA.
We normally offer Baptisms after church Service on Sunday's.
Fill out the Baptism Form, then we will confirm the date you plan on being Baptized.
Please be aware: 
Each person being baptized will share their testimony on the shore right before being baptized.

This time is a highlight in the life of the church and for the believer as each one shares the wonderful work of salvation that Christ has done in their life.


Once you Submit your Baptism Form we will contact you to set up a time to speak to Pastor Nick Longmire.